Our Motto: Kindling Minds & Hearts


Along with its innovative approach to teaching and learning, the school acknowledges the need for and benefits of providing students with opportunities to use current technologies along with the right infrastructure and adequate space to play, learn and grow. Below is a glimpse of what the school provides for each student.


Airy, bright, well lit classrooms with ergonomically designed desks, chairs and other comfort furniture – all to maximise teacher-student interaction and accelerate student’s learning.

Computer Lab:

State –of –the art computer laboratory with multi- seat consoles and computers in the ratio of 1:1, enables students to stay abreast with the modern technology, from Std. I to Std. X . Computers provide an environment in which technology is ubiquitous and the use of computers, routine. This will help refine technological skills and promote healthy, safe and ethical use of technology.

Audio Visual Room:

A beautiful audio visual room to enhance classroom activities and curriculum, by integrating technology with rich and meaningful learning experiences.


Science Laboratory:

The elaborate Science laboratory allows every student to experiment, observe and explore the wonders of science through hands-on experiences, thus developing in them a scientific attitude.

Art Room:

The art room allows the creative talents of the students to blossom through imagination and expression.

Music Room:

Music room equipped with taped music collection and musical instruments to tap the musical talents of the students is available.


Playground to enable the young ones to bring to good use the energy of childhood.



IES Motto: Value Addition Through Education